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The Chimney Piece referred to below is now on show in the Marlipins Museum

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On the S. side of the High-street is a small building, all that now remains of what was once the Fountain Inn. In the room on the ground floor, now used as a cobbler's shop, is the interesting old chimney-piece of carved oak shown in the annexed illustration. It is apparently of early seventeenth century date and was probably erected at the time when the shipbuilding industry was beginning to revive in Shoreham, and placed to adorn the room which served as a meeting place for a guild or some kind of association of shipwrights. As will be seen, the subject of the carving relates almost entirely to the ship-building industry, and the coat of arms bears the hull of a vessel, whilst the crest is a Noah's ark; the panel to the left shows a ship on the stocks ready for launching, while that on the right is a crude illustration of the Parish Church.


From Sussex Archaeological Collections XLVI, MCMIII, page 237
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